Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Stupid Ghostwritten Facebook Post for Sarah Palin

There she goes again...


In her daily struggle to remain relevant Sarah Palin once again attacks President Obama, this time for his open mic remark to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, simply mentioning that he would have "more flexibility" on missile defense after the election. 

So via one of her favorite comment controlling bunkers (her ghostwritten Facebook page of course) she continues to spew her rhetoric, doing the GOP's dirty work.

(Start screech here/snark) "Whoever chooses to merely dismiss the significance of today’s exchange between our president and Russia’s president should have their intelligence and patriotism questioned."  (End screech here/snark)

Patriotism.  That is the word for today.  That is the word that stuck out for me in that sentence.  Of all people in all the towns and all the world to question patriotism- Sarah Palin.  The darling of the AIP, who courted the AIP, who's HINO (husband in name only, Todd Palin) was a member of the AIP for years.  Why is she constantly questioning patriotism; in her books, in her speeches everywhere and anywhere always questioning patriotism? Could it be a convenient cover for bigotry, perhaps? Could it be a tool of control in order to justify killing innocent people and doing it in the name of protecting our "Freedom"- that is immoral and would that belief of immorality make me unpatriotic?  I am proud of our country, our history our culture and our traditions, and protecting those values is what matters that is true patriotism.  But believing that your country is "best ever" only and exclusively and having hatred for those who choose a different life and believe in different values is not only arrogant but also ignorant and pathetically the latter is Sarah's version of patriotism - -it is evil and vicious. That is the immoral definition of patriotism. Sarah, you have no right questioning OPP (Other People's Patriotism) and more importantly questioning intelligence, really? Have you read my last post

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