Sunday, April 1, 2012

If I did it ... If I birthed Trig


(Part 2)

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If I birthed Trig at 6:30 am, I would not be sending emails or thinking about work at 8:30 am.  I would just want to hold and cuddle my baby. 

If I birthed Trig, a precious DS preemie with a hole in his heart and jaundice I would question the hospital if it was too soon to go home.  Had he met all the criteria needed for such an early discharge.  Was 36 hours enough time to evaluate him?

35 weeks          qm

If I birthed Trig, I WOULD NOT go back to work 48 hours later. Family always first!


If I HAD go back to work I would be very uncomfortable for many reasons --recovery is not easy.  Everything is swollen; the embarassing postpartum wobble, the hormones, the "fluids" gushing, you get the idea.  (TMI, I know, sorry.)

scream         peanut

If I birthed Trig and there were rumors he was my daughters child, I would not announce
her teenage pregnancy as proof to thwart off said rumors. 


If I birthed Trig, I would not schlep this precious boy around like a loaf of French bread, barefoot and half naked out in the cold for any reason – not for money and not for fame, not even for President. 


If I birthed Trig, I would look postpartum.

afterpiper          after trig

If I birthed Trig April 18, 2008 I would show you bloggers his birth certificate, you betcha !




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