Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bristol and Gino Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G


"I'm not going to have sex until I'm married, I can guarantee it" -  says Bristol Palin abstinance spokesperson and born again virgin. Bristol is now going into a "trial marriage" with Gino Paoletti, aka ("flava" of the week).  I wonder if the Candies Foundation realizes yet that they pissed away $262,500 on a hypocrite?  Wouldn't that be like paying Osama Bin Laden to be an Ambassador and tell the world what a mistake it was to bomb the WTC.  Bristol...was the Candies gig your Grizzly momma's idea of perhaps finding a legal way of  doing the unethical and immoral in the name of non-profit, for selfish reasons?  You know, just like Chile earthquake. You see Bristol, the right thing would have been to volunteer your public speaking, that way the $262,500 would have truly helped desparate teenage kids instead of paying you, the unqualified daughter of an unqualified quitter, for getting knocked up too early.  Nice way of stealing money that was donated? Bristol you do not have the skills or the talent to make that kind of money, so why do you accept it?  Is it because you are an opportunist?  Here you go:


Also too Bristol,  just because you throw the word marriage in there, does not make it OK.  FYI, "Trial Marriage"is also known as "Shacking up" "Shacked Up" "Shacked" "Shacking" means to live with a partner in "sexual intimacy" without being married.  Girl please, you pledged abstinance to OPRAH, on national TV.  Are you nutz?  Are you on drugs?  You LIED to OPRAH!  Are you aware that abstinance means NOT having sexual intercourse?  No huh, it doesn't matter to you does it and what not.  I know it was all taken out of context, a canard, the haterz are jealous, yadda, yadda, yadda.  What's next Bristol, are you shopping for magazine payola this time with Gino?  I bet you are!
Advice to Gino...get a "shack-nup"

Bristol, please tell momma grizzly to stop calling TMZ to dish on Levi, she needs to pick on people her own age, not a young man just barely out of his teens.  She is still stuck in High School isn't she? Kthxbai. 

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