Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Will be Bristol's Lucky Bachelor?

Can Bristol pull off a marriage $cam one more time?  Will the media take the bait once again?  Ever since Bristol went public with her "trial marriage" announcement, I felt it was my duty to help the cause and come up some potential covers that may be of interest.  Don't they all look lovely?  Can you name the bachelors? 


Bristol wants a "reality" show so badly that she is willing to "shack up" on camera in order to sell it.  Obviuosly this poor girl can not grasp the concept that no one wants to see her on TV.  Poor thing, bless her heart.   Maybe she just wants to prove to all the "haters" that she is not a failure, and that she has a "good work ethic" just like her momma grizzly says.  No, you think it's about the money, huh? Me too.  Well, plastic surgery ain't cheap, people.

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